Our primary goal is to provide maintenance, security and enviromental services. For this reason, by 1991, and after investigating the present company markets and focused in our vision to protect our enviroment, we created an industrial line named: CoastChem.Used in...
We carry many named brand products but our primary one is Coast Chem a product made here in PR.
  Our mission is to exceed our customer¬ís expectations. We believe they deserve nothing less.Together, we are a team of dedicated people working to serve our customers.We are committed to maintaining an open ear to customer needs, environmentally-safe products, up-to-date technology, because their business, our business, and the general public depend on it. By investing in training, advanced technology, and new services, we enhance our capabilities to serve our customers better.

Coast Chemical and Specialty Products, Inc. was founded in 1977 and established in 1981 under the P.R. Corporate laws.
=Maintenance Service         =Chemical Products         =Paper Products         =Safety Products
Aerosols                                       Herbicides
Auto Care                                     Industrial Specialty
Carpet Care Products                  Water Treatment Products
Disinfectants                                Process Chemicals
Floor Finishes                                Ready-to-Use Spray Products
Floor Finish Strippers                    Restroom and Bowl Cleaners
Food Service Specialty               Sealers and Coatings
General Cleaners                          Specialty Items
Glass Cleaners                              Steam Pressure Cleaners
Hand  Soaps                                 Treatments and Polishes
Heavy Duty Cleaner                     Water Soluble Deodorizers
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Coast Chemical & Specialty Products, Inc.
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Ponce, Puerto Rico

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